Come Home to Yourself Through Yoga

Explore and connect with yourself through mantra, meditation, breath work and physical yoga practice. Whether you are just starting out or an experienced yogi, there is a space for you at Sanctuary.

How do we come home to ourselves through yoga? Yoga is a practice of self discovery, a way to pay attention to, notice ourselves and learn more about who we are. How we are in our yoga classes is how we are in the world. Can we stick it out through a little discomfort? Can we completely let go and surrender? What qualities do we want to nurture in ourselves?

The practice of yoga is accessible to everyone! Yes, everyone. There are many different practices that make up yoga. In the West we are most familiar with the physical aspect of yoga, the poses (asanas). This is the place where many of us start our yoga journey, it was that way for me too! I fell in love with the good feelings that came from the practice of yoga, and began noticing that the breath work (pranayama) and meditation altered my mind, quieted my incessant thoughts, at least for the time I attended classes. My yoga classes became my refuge from a busy life, a place where everything else just melted away, an hour and a half at a time.

The kind of yoga classes I teach are the kind I enjoy the most, yoga classes that focus on breath work, meditation, physical poses as well as live music and mantra (chant). Mantras are another way to still the mind. I have found that repeating a mantra over and over (out loud or in the mind), is a  powerful way to effect healing, transformation and create a sense of deep peace.

I've seen people come into my yoga classes completely distracted, on their phones, trying to get one last thing done before their class begins….and 90 minutes later, I see a softening in their eyes, in their bodies, in their breathing. They have that yoga glow. That glow that says to me they’ve come home, home to their hearts, their true natures, to the beautiful goddesses they are. It is my honour and absolute pleasure to guide you to this place of inner knowing, of peace and relaxation!

Perhaps we come to yoga to take good care of our physical bodies.

Perhaps we come to yoga to quiet our minds.

Perhaps we come to yoga to work through our emotions.

Perhaps we come to yoga to connect with something bigger than ourselves.

Whatever your reason, roll out your mat and come home to yourself.

Current Yoga Offerings

Sing you to Sleep Restorative website graphic.png

“Sing You to Sleep” Restorative Classes

We lead such busy lives. When do we rest? When to we take time to refuel? Recharge? Replenish? Restorative yoga may feel very different than other types of yoga, in that once you are in a supported pose, you have nothing to do but rest and receive. Your body will slowly let go of the tensions in your life and habitual patterns of holding will melt away. This is a gentle practice of self-nurturing. It is nourishment for the weary body and spirit. And…while you rest, I will sing sweet songs and soothing mantras to you. Lullabies for grown ups!

Mondays September 9 - October 28, 2019 7:30 - 8:45 pm (8 weeks)
Tuesdays September 10 - October 22, 2019 5:30- 6:45 pm (7 weeks)
Tuesdays September 10 - October 22, 2019 7:30- 8:45 pm (7 weeks)
Wednesdays September 11 - October 30, 2019 5:30 - 6:45 pm (8 weeks)
Wednesdays September 11 - October 30, 2019 7:30 - 8:45 pm (8 weeks)
Where: Wortley Studio, London ON
Cost: 7 weeks = $126 / 8 weeks = $144, pre-registration only


Yamas and Niyamas website graphic.png

Yamas & Niyamas Knowledge Series

Get together with like minded individuals to dive deeper into the ethical practices of yoga. The Yamas and Niyamas are two of the eight limbs of yoga and can inspire us to live a life according to the spiritual values of yoga. Together we’ll explore: nonviolence, truthfulness, non-stealing, non-excess, non-possessiveness, purity, contentment, self-discipline, self-study and surrender. This knowledge series will be based on the teachings of Deborah Adele and her book The Yamas & Niyamas.

When: stay tuned, returning in January 2020…
Time: TBD
Where: Wortley Studio, London, ON
Cost: $108 for the series


Restorative Yoga Workshops website graphic copy.png

Restorative Yoga Workshops

Need a little self care?
Restorative yoga is the practice of deliberate stillness, a way home to ourselves, to turn inward and connect with our own hearts. Come experience three hours of relaxation, deep rest and nourishment through gentle restorative yoga poses that were chosen to work with the energy of the Songs for Savasana album. As we move through the poses and the album, we'll pause to collect reflections and insights. The evening culminates in a soothing sound bath. Yes, it’s as delicious as it sounds!

When: upcoming workshops are listed on the events page


Private Yoga Classes website graphic.png

Private Yoga Classes

Are you called to create your own daily practice or to learn how yoga can help with a specific concern? Have you always wanted to try yoga but were nervous to join a group class? Private classes are tailored to meet your individual needs.

When: By appointment
Where: Wortley Studio, London, ON
Cost: $70/hour class


I’ve had major sleeping issues all my life and as I got older, every day stressors would wreak havoc on my sleep! Even being on sleeping pills, didn’t guarantee I would get a good night’s sleep. The first evening of attending Rachel’s class was absolutely life altering for me. I had one of the most stressful days and was in a horrible mood. It took all of 15 minutes into the class for me to say to myself OMG what’s this magic she’s weaving!!! The day’s stressors were on the way out and I felt this incredible sense of peace and calmness. Once the class was over I went out feeling lighter and so calm that I couldn’t believe what I was feeling!

I slept like a baby without my pills! The calmness lasted for days. Now a few months in I have become addicted to Rachel’s classes. I’m off the sleeping pills and enjoy a good nights sleep most nights. I haven’t been able to stop talking about the impact her classes have had on me! My cousin and friend have tried and echo my sentiments. More friends coming for next class… But don’t take my word for it - come out and see for yourself!!!
— Milly
Rachel’s classes have a very important healing component that my mind and body love. Each week I look forward to her class and afterwards feel fresh, energetic and more emotionally balanced. It is truly my time for me, a part of my self care. Her voice is amazing, healing and definitely has put me to sleep!!! I am grateful for having been introduced to Rachel and her classes.
— Tammy
Goddess Yoga is different from other yoga I’ve done because of the live music, chimes, assists, chanting, altar and the fact that each class is unique with a different Goddess focus. I appreciate the touch. I love the environment. I love the peaceful mind it encourages for me. It not only incorporates the body being exercised, but it puts me in a trance of peacefulness that I struggle to find in my day-to-day life.
— Trudy
The classes helped me to connect with my body in a gentle way. The changes to my body as a result of being on a steroid for over 10 years have more often made me disconnect from my body. Rachel’s kindness in adjusting the yoga to work for me each week was greatly appreciated. Her singing and chimes she uses at the end of the classes, add a richness to the experience that was soul healing for me.
— Loretta

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