Sacred Spaces


Come Home to Yourself Through Creating Sacred Space

Our physical environments are important to our sense of self and reflect how we feel about ourselves. Do you place care and attention into creating a clean, clear space for you to live and dream? Does your home nourish you on a soul level? Find out how we can work together to create your sacred space.

I have been designing beautiful spaces for over 15 years, with the goal to help clients find their unique style and meet the needs for how they really live in their spaces. I believe that a thoughtfully designed space can support not only the person you are today, it will support your dreams in very practical ways.

I guide clients in creating their own sacred spaces with design plans that nourish and support their goals, dreams and aspirations, clearing clutter and cleansing spaces through ceremony and ritual. Need help setting up a yoga or meditation space? Want guidance setting up a personal altar? Does your space feel stale and in need of an energetic lift? Need help reorganizing your home to make room for a sacred space for you to come home to yourself?

Carving out a space for ourselves helps to support and nourish us. Whether it’s a space to practice yoga, meditate, read, journal, work or daydream, we all need a space where we feel most like ourselves, where we can be with what is, however we are feeling, nurture our big dreams and celebrate our successes.

2 hour in home consultation: $250 includes design notes and travel within London, Ontario. OR work with me remotely via email and Skype.

The two hour consultation includes:

  • Initial Phone Call:  Get to know your needs, project, scope and priorities.

  • Sharing Your Vision: Through Pinterest boards and/or photos.

  • Onsite Consultation: Depending on the scope of your project, the onsite consultation could include - a walk through the project, needs assessment, next steps, overall design plan, colour and finish selection, furniture layout, or perhaps blessing a new build, energetically clearing a space using sacred medicine and sound. 

A two hour consultation may be all you need to move your vision into action! Or, if you need a bit of support along the way, you may book additional time at $75 per hour.

I love coming home! Rachel transformed my living space. Hire Rachel and rediscover the beautiful soul of your home.

The best part of working with Rachel is how intuitive she is. She was compassionate and empathetic to my vision, and she made it happen! Thanks to her creativity, my living room is a warm and beautiful space that we now call our heart room! I would absolutely recommend her services.

Working with Rachel was such a pleasure. She created this beautiful blend of practicality, creativity and nourishment. The whole process moved with ease and grace and the end results are all that I had hoped for. I would highly recommend entrusting Rachel in bringing your vision and dreams to life!
— Jane. London, Ontario

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