Songs for Savasana is born!

Wow! I feel so blessed to be able to do what I do, to create this beautiful love offering. Songs for Savasana has officially been born!

So much goes into making an album…much more than I ever imagined. Like any new adventure, there was (and still is) a steep learning curve. I am enjoying the process, reminding myself of the beginners mind, reminding myself that it’s ok not to know, it’s ok to ask lots of questions, it’s ok to ask for help.

As I sit with the finished product in my hands, I am taking a moment to reflect on the past year, on all that has gone into creating this work. All the many people whose efforts, expertise and support helped in it’s creation. I sit in absolute awe and wonder at how this beautiful collection of sweet lullabies came to be.

And just how many people were involved in it’s co-creation!

Chris Gartner, the incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist, producer and arranger lent his brand of magic to the album…the songs soar with his beautiful additions of strings, bow base and ambient textures.

Karyn Austin, my blood harmony sister and Mahadevi bandmate added her sweet harmonies to a few of the songs and gave her unwavering support throughout this process.

The 110 Kickstarter backers, fundraiser attendees, supporters and cheerleaders…this could not have been made without you!!! Your support and encouragement along the way kept me going, inspired and motivated me to give my best, knowing that the end result would bring some sweet soothing melodies to your ears and hearts.

My family’s steadfast belief in me and support was instrumental :)

And to Spirit, my co-creator, there would be no songs without you…

And so, as I take a moment to send beautiful blessings to the CD’s as the first batch go out into the world, I am reminded of my ‘why’….because these songs are intended to bring the listener to a place of rest, of peace, of connection to the deepest parts of our own hearts. And in this deep place there is only Love. xo

Songs for Savasana will be available online in late July!

Songs for Savasana will be available online in late July!

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