Songs for Savasana Final Stages!

In four days the album goes into production! FOUR DAYS! After a year of recording, listening, editing and this last stage of mastering, Songs for Savasana is ready to be sent to be manufactured!

What a beautiful space to be in…today I hear the voices of encouragement from so many beautiful humans; the people continually asking me if I have a CD after playing, the generous people supporting this dream through the Kickstarter campaign, the lovely people inviting me to play at their events, studios and classes, my sweet yoga students and the loving guidance from Chris G. wizard/producer. I am humbled and deeply touched by the amount of LOVE surrounding this project. THANK YOU!!!

And…to be completely honest, I must admit that the process was challenging at times. It required lots of growth for me to feel worthy of living this dream, to feel strong enough to set healthy boundaries, to be confident enough to be visible, to shed lots of messed up beliefs around money, relationships and my own safety. It forced me to take responsibility for my own healing. The issues with my voice almost took this dream from me…that was a whole other level of learning, acceptance and healing that forced me to face my deepest fears.

Hope to celebrate with you at one of the release parties! So much LOVE!!! xo

Hope to celebrate with you at one of the release parties! So much LOVE!!! xo

Perhaps you too, have had an experience like this, something so out of your comfort zone that it required a depth of transformation to actually step forward and claim it.

I am so grateful for this beautiful opportunity for growth. Had I not gone through the trials of the past six months…I would not have been able to say that I’m READY!

I am ready to give birth to this beautiful album, to stand up and say ‘Here I am!’ in all my humanness, in my divine feminine nature…with a simple offering of sweet lullabies for grown ups. May they soothe, heal and inspire!

with so much love and gratitude…