Om Eim Saraswati Namaha


Om and salutations to the great Goddess Saraswati, the one who leads to the essence of self-knowledge. 

Working with the energy of Saraswati brings forth blossoming in music, creativity and the arts, spiritual knowledge and divine speech. Saraswati is said to be the source of mantra, sound, creative impulses and inspiration. We feel her when we are given a ‘download’ of a creative idea or in an ‘aha’ moment. She is the one to call on when you need help with communication: speaking your truth, writing, listening. Also call on her for help with all things related to knowledge: study, learning, taking tests, enhancing memory, understanding math and languages. Where are you needing a little Saraswati energy? Is there a conversation you are avoiding? A presentation that is terrifying you? A creative project that needs some inspiration?