Editing an album is oh so glamorous!

Does this look like a big caterpillar to you too?

Does this look like a big caterpillar to you too?

The editing process begins!

Well, you can judge for yourself how glamorous it is to go note by note through each song in all of the layers… I consider myself very blessed to be working with someone who LOVES this kind of thing! Thanks to Chris Gartner for your patience, wizardry and loving care with these songs. :)

We have already spent many hours together with me sneaking up on Chris, listening and watching the caterpillar images on the screen, colour coding the bits we love most, cleaning up outside noise and what Chris calls lip smacks. I didn’t even know I did that!

There is magic to this process. Layering my own voice over my own voice, over and over is surreal and absolutely wonderful! Harmonies are my favourite and to be able to sing my own is a special kind of magic. I pinch myself all the time and ask ‘Am I really doing this?’ YES darling, definitely doing this! It feels amazing to give myself permission to take what I love the most and make that my gift to the world. I am thrilled to hear the songs get closer and closer to completion and looking forward to sharing them with you!

Listen close this is a heart song
Listen close this is a lullaby
Listen close this is a song of love

Listen close, listen close, listen close
To the whisperings of your heart
All love, always love xo

The editing process begins! xo