Songs for Savasana!

Rachel McGarry’s debut album ‘Songs for Savasana’  is on repeat in my home! Her voice, which soars with loving tenderness and beauty, is sublime; the exquisite production, performance and engineering by Chris Gartner brings this album of beautifully written songs to life in a unique and powerful way.  Give yourself the gift of this album and relax into it’s soothing waters.
— Brenda McMorrow

Download your copy of Songs for Savasana! It’s now available on iTunes and Spotify! Click on the clips to have a listen :)

If you prefer physical CD’s, you can get them online from CD Baby or at upcoming Kirtan concerts, yoga classes and workshops.

Thanks to the amazing Chris Gartner for lending his incredible talents, producing and arranging this album…so much gratitude! Thanks to Karyn Austin, my ‘blood harmony’ sister, for sharing your beautiful voice.

Extra LOVE!!!

Songs for Savasana Mantra Guide: for those who want to dive a bit deeper into the mantras and dieties that appear on Songs for Savasana…yes, dieties actually appear on the album! (well sort of!)

Want to create a beautiful Savasana experience for yourself? Download the Guide to Savasana, put the album on and prepare to relax and receive.

Even more goodness… a gentle, restorative yoga sequence to accompany the full album! Download the Songs for Savasana Restorative Sequence, get into a pose and go inwards.

There is something so incredibly special when you are submerged completely in the music of Rachel McGarry. She really has the voice of an angel and the healing her music brings to the world is so powerful..
— Melisa C.

Come Home to Yourself Through Sacred Music

A few years ago I discovered the power and love of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion, one of the four major paths to yoga. Bhakti is a method of devotion and union with the Divine/Spirit/Source. It’s the recognition that the Divine is within us and all around us. Bhakti uses the practice of mantra recitation to connect with this direct experience of the Divine. This is why Bhakti yoga is called the ‘path of the heart’. 

In 2016 I took an intensive Kirtan Academy training with Brenda McMorrow that opened my heart, mind and spirit to the powerful effects of chanting; deep feelings of peace, connection and love. I’ve been writing original melodies to ancient mantras ever since! These mantras call in light, love, healing and transformation and have become an important part of my yoga and meditation practice. 

I am honoured to be able to introduce others to Bhakti yoga by hosting Kirtans regularly, singing for other yoga teachers’ classes and special events as well as by offering workshops on music and mantra for those looking to explore the practice a little deeper. I have been blessed to chant at the Toronto Yoga Conference, Peterborough Yoga Festival, London Yogathon, hosting many Kirtans and Sacred Music evenings in London Ontario. 

If you are looking for live music to accompany a yoga class or for a special event (i.e. summer solstice, sound healing event, yoga festival…) please be in touch with specifics by clicking the button below.


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Mahadevi is a London-based Kirtan band consisting of Karyn Austin and Rachel McGarry. Together they combine modern musical styles with traditional mantras that date back thousands of years. The simplest way to describe Kirtan is as a music meditation, a way to connect with the deepest parts of ourselves. Mahadevi has gained a loyal following by making the ancient tradition of Kirtan (call and response chanting) accessible to all. Check the event listings for upcoming dates and locations! We would love to chant with you!

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Karyn Austin and Rachel McGarry

Karyn Austin and Rachel McGarry

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