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Sanctuary is a safe haven, a place of refuge. We can create these places for ourselves, within ourselves, for the true sanctuary lies within. Find out how yoga, music and sacred spaces guide us home to ourselves.



Come home to yourself through yoga.
Explore and connect with yourself through breath work, chanting, meditation and physical yoga practice. Rest and relax in the “Sing you to Sleep” Restorative classes, explore your inner goddess in the Goddess Workshops and/or invest in private classes for individual attention.


Music & Mantra

Come home to yourself through sacred music.
My debut album Songs for Savasana is now available online!!! Check it out on iTunes and Spotify. Click the button below to learn more about the album, upcoming Kirtan Events, Workshops, and the new 12 Month Mantra Subscription!


Sacred Spaces

Come home to yourself through creating sacred spaces.
Does your home nourish you at a soul level? Ideally our physical environments replenish us, nourish us, support our biggest dreams and inspire us to soar! Got big dreams? I can help you create the physical and energetic space to support them. Find out how we can co-create your very own sacred space.

If you would like to be held in the most beautiful energy while experiencing gentle yoga, angelic-like music, and heart-filling meditation in a safe and gorgeous space you really need to come to Rachel’s Goddess Yoga nights at Design House London. Although the focus is on yoga, with Rachel guiding positions from gentle newbie moves to push-yourself options, the experience is so much more; enriched with live and recorded music, meditation, and stories about a particular goddess, this class has awakened the goddess in me. Fittingly, each week and each goddess are right on point for those of us in the class! I highly recommended taking the 90 min out of your busy week to experience respite and rejuvenation with Rachel – this class is London’s best kept secret and it really deserves to no longer be a secret!
— Jen

Sanctuary is located in
London, Ontario

Yoga classes are held downtown and at a private home studio in Wortley Village.

Sacred Space design consultations can be on-site or remote.

Will travel for music event bookings.

Please connect for more information or to book a class, session or event.

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